Coldwell Banker Commercial TEC manages our owners properties as if they were our own.  Hiring a professional property manager is one of the most important decisions an owner can make because it can maximize the asset's value and ensures the asset's successful performance and well being.  CBC TEC strives to maximize a property's value by maximizing revenue while keeping expenses low without sacrificing the long-term value of the asset.  CBC TEC's property managers are constantly collaborating with CBC TEC's commercial real estate brokers to ensure the property is garnering top rental rates for similarly situated properties in the market.  Furthermore, CBC TEC's property managers measure tenant satisfaction and make recommendations to increase tenant satisfaction which ensures low tenant turnover and more consistent revenue.  CBC TEC reduces its clients operating expenses by negotiating the best price possible on service contracts, which results from both our local relationships and our collective bargaining power under our national ownership services platform.  CBC TEC also ensures the asset is properly maintained throughout the management process to avoid deferred maintenance that causes asset underperformance in future years.  CBC TEC provides financial accounting and monthly reports to its owners throughout the management process to ensure the property's value is substantiated and maximized upon disposition. 

CBC TEC provides its clients with the following specific services during the management process across Southeast Louisiana:
  • Transition Checklist Implementation
  • Contract Review and Renegotiation
  • Financial Reporting, Accounting & Budgeting
  • Building & Facility Maintenance
  • Vendor Bidding & Selection
  • Leasing Coordination
  • Build-Out Coordination
  • Move Coordination