The Future of Luxury Retail Includes Making it Harder to Find a Store

Appearing on Bisnow and Written by Cameron Sperance   Changing consumer attitudes and rents outpacing sales have forced luxury retail to answer a simple question of survival: Where exactly is the high-end sweet spot?  “What we’re seeing is some of the biggest luxury brands are shifting higher to make themselves... READ MORE

Malls and Gyms: A Match Made in Retail Heaven?

It comes as no surprise that many brick and mortar retail outlets have reported an overall dip in sales, thanks to the prevalence and mass appeal of online shopping. After all, being able to skip the traffic and parking, as well as the long lines at checkout, is hard to turn down. And, in particular, large indoor... READ MORE

Can Big Data Help Your Brokerage Make More Money

Big data analysis and applied data science techniques being applied to databases (both public and private) is certainly nothing new, but its applied use in the commercial real estate space is. Commercial real estate is a huge industry – $12 trillion, to be exact – so the ability to make a better decision through... READ MORE