How To Attract Top CRE Agents To Your Brokerage



Apearing on The Broker List.This post originally appeared on Marketplace Advertiser, ClientLook and is republished with permission. 


How To Attract Top CRE Agents To Your Brokerage


  • In today’s competitive commercial real estate market, attracting and retaining top agents to your brokerage should be one of your main concerns. The best agents want to work with the best companies, but they’re also looking for the “total package” that includes more than just a nice commission split. If you’re looking to attract skilled agents, use these tips to make your search easier.

    Understand What Makes Your Brokerage Unique

    There are a lot of commercial real estate companies out there, so what makes your company unique? Why would a top agent choose your company instead of your competitors? Put yourself in the agent’s shoes and really think about what makes your company appealing. The days of just comparing commission splits are long gone, and great agents care more about the other benefits that you can offer. This will be different for every company but take the time to think about what your “wow” factor is, and make sure it’s in line with the type of people you’re trying to attract. 

    Be Powerful Online

    Potential agents are researching online to narrow down their top commercial real estate companies. Does your website, blog, and social media presence make a powerful statement about your company? First, make sure your company shows up on Google for a search in your area. Next, make sure your website is up to date and includes details about your company, the people, and your values. Having a blog is also a great way to highlight your companies understanding of the market, recent awards, or featured news articles. Last – but certainly not any less important – is your social media presence. Your commercial real estate company should be active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the very minimum. Keep your pages up to date with relevant content and show the “personality” of your company through your social media pages. You want to make it easy for potential agents (and potential clients) to learn more about your company and why they should choose to work with you.

    Use Technology To Your Advantage

    Most of today’s top agents rely on current technology to save time and increase their efficiency, and they will be attracted to brokerages that embrace the latest technology. Does your company offer a commercial real estate CRM, can agents easily “work from anywhere” using technology, and is the software updated through all areas of your business? Aim to eliminate duplicate data entry and keep the day-to-day business functions running as smooth as possible by having the latest technology at your fingertips.

    Invest In Your Culture

    Culture is one of the things that will be unique to your brokerage and can make or break your chance at attracting top agents. Invest in building a friendly environment where colleagues are helpful and are open to working together. Make time for fun team-building events, and try to make your employees excited about their work. Creating an environment that values work/life balance is also important. Many top agents want the freedom and flexibility to come into the office as they desire, and the flexibility to work from home as well. Create a culture that lets each person have the flexibility to flourish. The culture you provide will attract like-minded people, so think about the characteristics of the agents you want on board.

    Of course, once you attract the best agents for your commercial real estate brokerage you also want to keep them. People want to work in a positive work environment and feel valued and appreciated. Retain top talent by continuously offering training, top-notch technology, and an environment that will keep them happy long-term.

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